19 Best Bitcoin Mixers of 2024: Reviewed and Tested

best bitcoin mixers services

Bitcoin mixer (BTC tumbler) is a service designed to anonymize transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain. It works as an application or website that accepts users’ coins and mixes them with other people’s assets. During that process, the coins are split into many small pieces, which are then randomly mixed in with the deposits from other users.

The experts from Bitcoin2Litecoin have studied the offers on the market and compiled a list of services working in clearnet and deep web (Tor) networks. After spending hours on the research, our experts have picked up and tested the services operating for a specified time without issues.


🏆 Top mixers for Bitcoin (BTC) in 2024 rated by the experts:

Service name
🥇 Anonymix.io- the best Bitcoin mixer in 2024. The service allows you to shuffle from 0.0016 BTC to 180 BTC and has been on the market since 2019.
🥈 BitcoinMixer.io- the service allows you to anonymize from 0.001 BTC. On the market since 2020.
🥉 MixerTumbler.com- the service allows you to tumble coins with many customizable features.

Summary of main facts

  • Bitcoin mixers are services that help provide transaction anonymity by mixing bitcoins from different sources.
  • Bitcoin tumblers help bypass the restrictions and censorship associated with using BTC, as the trail of all transactions on the blockchain network is available for tracking.
  • Bitcoin blenders charge a small fee for their services. It is essential to pay attention to the minimum mixing limit.
  • Some risks, such as money laundering and other illegal activities, can be associated with using cryptocurrency mixers.


The best Bitcoin mixers in 2024

NameService URLTor mirrorService feeMin. depositMixing timeAdditional address
Anonymix.ioVisit siteOnion linkonly 0.3%0.0016 BTC0 – 72 hours (manual)up to 10
BitcoinMixer.ioVisit siteOnion link0.5% – 2.5%0.001 BTC0 – 72 hours (manual)up to 10
MixerTumblerVisit siteOnion link0.1% – 3.5%0.003 BTC0.5 – 20 hours (manual)no
BitMixVisit siteOnion link0.4% – 4%0.003 BTC0 – 72 hours (manual)up to 5
YoMixerVisit siteOnion link0.5% – 5%0.003 BTC0 – 30 hours (manual)no
CryptoMixerVisit siteOnion link0.5% – 3%0.001 BTC0 – 96 hours (manual)up to 10
MixeroVisit siteOnion link0.7% – 4.7%0.001 BTC0 – 168 hours (manual)up to 5
CoinomizeVisit siteOnion link1.5% – 5%0.003 BTC0 – 72 hours (manual)no
MixTumVisit siteOnion link4% – 5%0.005 BTC6 hoursup to 2
Mixer MoneyVisit siteOnion link4% – 5%0.003 BTC6 hoursup to 2
MixturaVisit siteOnion link5%0.003 BTC6 hoursup to 2


How did we choose the best BTC mixers?

Experts analyzed the trusted mixers for Bitcoin and picked the best of them, considering the following parameters: reliability, reviews, recommendations on forums, access to Tor mirrors, availability of a letter of guarantee during mixing, fees, available volumes to conduct the operation, and additional options.

Anonymix site

#1 Anonymix.io

Clearnet address: https://anonymix.io
Tor mirror: http://anonymxfbfg5ml5sclnmy5wqowmjz6gshukdhqw5waosf7mswj2xerid.onion

User rating: 4.7/5 ⭐ (1,360 reviews on Dark web)

Anonymix is a leading provider of anonymous Bitcoin mixing services. The online app employs a no-log and no-account system. It means the service deletes all the logs instantly after the mixing while never asking a customer to create an account to launch the shuffling process. With Anonymix, individuals can easily and quickly shuffle their Bitcoins and protect their privacy. Anonymix has pool with over 180 BTC in reserves. A unique hash feature is used to avoid withdrawing the same coins from previous mixings. Withdrawal is delayed (up to 11 hours). The developers ensure that this mixer passes all AML tests, as the purest bitcoins from centralized exchanges fund the pool of the service. It does not require registration or verification to work.

  • Service is one of the cheapest among competitors. The fee is only: 0.1%.
  • The minimum deposit amount is 0.0016 BTC.
  • You can set the delay of mixing. This option increases user privacy.
  • The minimum number of confirmations is 1.
  • Fast order processing.
  • Works perfectly with the Tor browser.
  • Adaptation for mobile devices.
  • Uncomplicated and user-friendly design.


BitcoinMixer site

#2 BitcoinMixer.io

Clearnet address: https://bitcoinmixer.io

User rating: 4.3/5 ⭐ (321 reviews)

It is an open-source mixer with a wise, modern user interface. No logs are kept on the servers of this Bitcoin blender; all information about completed sessions is deleted within 60 minutes. The service has its reserve, making the tumbling process faster than competitors. The mixer does not store logs about user data and provides 24/7 technical support, which can be contacted with any question or problem.

  • Commission is adjustable from 0.5% to 2.5%.
  • The minimum deposit amount is 0.001 BTC.
  • It is possible to set a delayed payment option to increase confidentiality.
  • It is possible to specify several recipient addresses.
  • Fast order processing.
  • Modern and user-friendly design.


MixerTumbler site

#3 MixerTumbler.com

Clearnet address: https://mixertumbler.com

User rating: 4.1/5 ⭐ (286 reviews)

MixerTumbler is one of the best anonymous crypto mixers. The service was announced in 2019 and since that time became popular choice in dark web. Complete control of the mixing process without registration. There is no round of mixing your inputs and outputs (blending occurs in the past tense). When you create a new session, an address for one day is generated. After you confirm your deposit, you can confidentially send new coins to your addresses directly from the site.

  • Commission: 0.1% (one of the lowest fees among competitors).
  • Maximum delay: up to 1200 minutes.
  • High-speed tumbling, fully automated.
  • The service can process a large number of coins.
  • Customizable delay of shuffling.
  • The minimalist user interface works great on smartphones.
  • High reputation in the deep web community.
  • Kind customer support service.


BitMix site

#4 BitMix

Tor mirror: http://bitmixdit2cubbjiblvzvqfiaaiak3enugt523ohlc446oraia4mjtid.onion

User rating: 4.0/5 ⭐ (179 reviews)

BitMix is a fully automated anonymous cryptocurrency mixer that emphasizes maximum anonymity when dealing with Bitcoin. The service allows you to mix crypto assets instantly or set a delay to increase privacy. Usage logs are not stored.

  • Commission from 0.7% to 5% + network fee.
  • The service is unique, it gives ability to mix: Bitcoin (BTC), Dash, and Litecoin (LTC).
  • Instant cleanup of site visit details.
  • Does not store transaction or visit logs.
  • Mix quality indicator.
  • Customizable low fees.
  • Users can manually set the delay to increase privacy.

To mix and get “clean” coins, you should go to the “Mixer” tab and specify the Bitcoin address to receive. Then, set parameters: service delay and commission. The strength of mixing depends on the following: high or medium. If the client has already used the mixer, then it is necessary to specify a unique code received after the exchange. This will allow them to exclude the possibility of receiving the dirty bitcoins that were sent earlier. The parameter randomization parameter determines the number of transactions that will be used to transfer the purified cryptocurrency. Next, click “Start mixing” and deposit the coins to the specified address, making sure to save the letter of guarantee. It confirms the facts of the transaction.


YoMixer site

#5 YoMixer

Clearnet address: https://yomixer.io

User rating: 4.0/5 ⭐ (135 reviews on Dark net)

YoMixer is another reputable crypto mixer. It is a fast and secure cryptocurrency blender with open-source code based on Coinjoin technology. The platform’s simplicity makes it easy for novice and experienced users to blend their coins quickly and efficiently. With its zero logs policy, YoMixer ensures that your privacy is protected and your transactions remain anonymous. Additionally, YoMixer offers Tor and I2P mirrors, providing an extra layer of security for users who prioritize anonymity. YoMixer is trusted service, designed in 2018.

  • Commission: 1% and more.
  • The minimum order amount is 0.003 BTC.
  • Up to five withdrawal addresses per request.


CryptoMixer site

#6 CryptoMixer

Tor mirror: http://cryptogdma2fpy2x56fyxnzeoygmu3q4zuvs4o24vbi4yapicbdz22ad.onion

User rating: 3.8/5 ⭐ (3,528 reviews on Deep web)

CryptoMixer works on its own designed algorithm based on own technology. You can add up to 8 output addresses and get coins on them from the mixer for seven days; you choose your own time. Mixing codes in CryptoMixer protect you from reaching your previously sent Bitcoins again. There is an API and an affiliate program. CryptoMixer Bitcoin Mixer has positioned itself as the most adapted to the demands of the community and aims to gain the trust of of a large number of users.

  • Commission: 0.5% + 0.0005 BTC.
  • Minimum amount: 0.001 BTC.
  • Unique mixing algorithms.
  • No problems with mixing large sums thanks to the available reserve of 2000 BTC.
  • Low commissions, discount system.
  • Round-the-clock technical support.
  • Ability to customize the percentage of funds distribution and execution delays.
  • Affiliate program.
  • Replication of input and output BTC addresses.
  • Works only with enabled Javascript.


Mixero site

#7 Mixero

Clearnet address: https://mixero.io
Tor mirror: http://mixeroyubx5g5yxaucsxcd767vn2lnujuuz2dh53quwabukhrok2ekid.onion

Another easy-to-use Bitcoin mixer with high anonymity that does not store logs. It uses CoinJoin technology for mixing. The service has two modes – standard and advanced. When selecting the advanced mode, the service will use a relatively rare for mixers “swapping” method of mixing, which implies automatic exchange of BTC to altcoins and back to BTC. The fee, in this case, will be higher.

  • Commission 0.7% in normal mode and 1.2% in advanced mode.
  • The minimum amount is 0.002 BTC, and the maximum is 100 BTC.
  • You can add more than one receiving address.
  • A letter of guarantee is used to guarantee fulfillment of obligations.
  • If more than one address is used, a fee of 0.0002 BTC will be charged for each additional address.
  • Works only with enabled Javascript.


Coinomize site

#8 Coinomize

Clearnet address: https://coinomize.biz
Tor mirror: http://coino2q64k4fg3lkjsnhjeydzwykw22a56u5nf2rdfzkjuy3jbwvypqd.onion

Coinomize is a standart mixer service that does not store logs, IP addresses, or other data and provides users complete anonymity. The service can send coins only to one specified address.

  • Commission from 1% to 5% + 0.0003 BTC.
  • The minimum mixing amount is 0.003 BTC.
  • The site is available in various languages.
  • One confirmation is required when sending funds.
  • You can set the mixing delay time to increase privacy.
  • Only one output Bitcoin address is supported.


MixTum site

#9 Mixtum

Clearnet address: https://mixtum.io
Tor mirror: http://mixtumjzn2tsiusfkdhutntamspsg43kgt764qbdaxjebce4h6fcfiad.onion

Mixtum is a Bitcoin mixer launched in 2018 based on the Jambler API. The service uses the coins purchased on centralized crypto exchanges as the source for the mixing pool. This means that transactions are guaranteed to be clean. Built-in algorithms verify the purity of incoming coins.

  • The mixer randomly specifies the fee (from 4% to 5% + 0.0007 BTC).
  • The minimum mixing amount is 0.005 BTC.
  • The mixer randomly sets values of time delays (from 1 to 6 hours).
  • Coins are bought on exchanges: OKX, DigiFinex, Cryptonex, etc.
  • The percentage distribution of funds that will be sent to the specified wallets specified by the user is random.
  • The minimum amount is higher than usual.
  • The service does not have the option to track the status of the order.
  • Money is mixed in one or more pools without using mixer codes.
  • The client cannot set mixing time frames himself.

Only two destination addresses can be set by default when creating an order, although individual settings are also available if required. Clean coins are sent by conducting two or more transactions; after each time interval, random amounts arrive. This scheme is designed to complicate cluster analysis.


MixerMoney site

#10 Mixer Money

Clearnet address: https://mixer.money/en
Tor mirror: http://mixermo4pgkgep3k3qr4fz7dhijavxnh6lwgu7gf5qeltpy4unjed2yd.onion/en

A mixer with several modes. One of them is “Full anonymity”. The anonymized coins are split into parts and go to clients of the standard mixer mode, and the rest go to exchanges and private traders.

  • Commission fee 4-5% + 0.0007 BTC (in “Full anonymity” mode).
  • The minimum payment amount is 0.003 BTC.
  • There is a Telegram bot.
  • A transaction lasts from 0 to 6 hours, depending on the degree of mixing and other criteria.


Mixtura site

#11 Mixtura

Clearnet address: https://mixtura.money
Tor mirror: http://3lqpiyzlqudwxiizx6uecc6z5zr6vvxidyi6inuducc7lilsdem2mlqd.onion

Mixtura guarantees the receipt of cryptocurrency with a positive history of output from cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe, Asia, and North America. The coins arrive in batches at random time intervals from different geographical locations and are stored in multiple wallets. The Bitcoin Mixer 2.0 algorithm is used with a new encryption algorithm.

  • Commission: up to 5% + 0.0007 BTC.
  • The minimum mixing amount is 0.003 BTC.
  • No logs are stored.
  • The anonymization process takes up to 8 hours after receiving the first confirmation of an incoming client transaction.


Mixers integrated into Bitcoin wallets.

There are Bitcoin wallets with increased anonymity that utilize the CoinJoin technology. This is a mixing method in which transactions from multiple senders are combined into a single payment and then randomly split again, which means no one will know the actual sender.


SamouraiWallet site

#1 Samourai

Clearnet address: https://samouraiwallet.com
Tor mirror: http://72typmu5edrjmcdkzuzmv2i4zqru7rjlrcxwtod4nu6qtfsqegngzead.onion

This mobile wallet uses Whirlpool technology to break the ties between the sender, and their Whirlpool technology is used to break the links between the sender and his coins. Coins from different users go into a shared liquidity pool, from where they are distributed to many new outputs. The process is fast, occurring within minutes.

Samourai Wallet is mobile-oriented, but Whirlpool technology can be used on PCs as a downloadable application.


WasabiWallet site

#2 Wasabi

Clearnet address: https://wasabiwallet.io
Tor mirror: http://wasabiukrxmkdgve5kynjztuovbg43uxcbcxn6y2okcrsg7gb6jdmbad.onion

Wasabi Wallet is an open-source desktop Bitcoin wallet with a high level of privacy developed by zkSNACKs Ltd. There are versions for Windows, OSX, or Linux. Wasabi Wallet uses the BIP84 output scheme and only generates its bech32 addresses.

  • The fees are 0.003% depending on the “anonymity set” the user selects. For example, if anonymity is 50, the user pays 0.003 % * 50 (=0,15 %). In some cases, the fee will be lower or higher.
  • Integration with Tor anonymous network.
  • BIP157-158 technology provides easy, secure, fast operation without crashes and hacker attacks.
  • Compliant with the ZeroLink wallet system, which utilizes Chaumian CoinJoin, a method of mixing BTC where the mixer provider cannot steal coins.
  • High minimum deposit for mixing.
  • Owned by the private company kSNACKs Ltd.


JoinMarket site

#3 JoinMarket

Clearnet address: https://github.com/JoinMarket-Org/joinmarket-clientserver

A Bitcoin wallet whose primary function is to blend transactions. Complete confidentiality is achieved with the help of a technical solution called the Schnorr scheme. The developers claim it to be the most anonymous among all mixing services on the market. However, it can only be used by creating an account on the platform.


BTC Mixers that were closed and don’t work anymore

The mixing services listed below have ceased operations (permanently or temporarily). Beware of clones.

Service NameClosed in Year
BitMixer.ioClosed in July, 2017
CoinMixer.seClosed in July, 2018
BitBlender.ioClosed in May, 2019
BestMixer.ioClosed in May, 2019
BitcoinFog.comClosed in April, 2021
ChipMixer.comClosed in February, 2023
Sinbad.ioClosed in November, 2023

ChipMixer site

#1 ChipMixer.com (closed)

Chipmixer is a free Bitcoin mixer, which means that the user decides if he wants to pay the donation to the service or not. ChipMixer.com does not require the creation of an account and does not create any links between individual visits.

The system is organized so that “outputs” work faster than the “inputs,” meaning that from a blockchain perspective, the owner spends his coins before sending them to the mixer. After the transaction, the user receives a receipt from the site for the funds.

  • Customizable fees: “Pay what you want” strategy.
  • The minimum amount is 0.001 BTC in increments of 0.001 BTC.
  • 7-day waiting period for deposit. The time can be extended if necessary.
  • Pages are as light as possible and work without JavaScript.
  • Transactions less than 20 BTC require one confirmation, for the rest 6 confirmations.

Since the minimum amount for mixing is 0.001 BTC, sending an amount less than this value will be considered a donation to the service. The principle of the mixer is based on chips – Bitcoin addresses funded with specific amounts (0.001 BTC, 0.002 BTC, 0,004 BTC, and so on, up to 4,096 BTC).

Users who deposit their BTC will receive the deposited amount in chips. For example, if a user deposits 0.112 BTC, you will get 0.064 + 0.032 + 0.016. Chips are inherently anonymous and are not linked to the funds owned on the blockchain. You can spend them whenever you want but with a secret key.

Chips can also be split, combined, or bet on luck (47% chance of getting double the amount, 53% chance of getting nothing), use them for donations, and import them into your favorite Bitcoin wallet.


BlindMixer site

#2 BlindMixer (closed)

A Bitcoin wallet whose primary function is to shuffle transactions. High confidentiality is achieved with the help of a technical solution called the Schnorr scheme. It’s claimed to be the most private of all mixing services on the market. However, it can only be used by creating a wallet on the platform.

  • There are no commissions when the blending amount is from 0.01 BTC. For smaller amounts, the commission is 100 satoshis.
  • You can shuffle assets with other users instantly without waiting for network confirmations.
  • At any time, the user can retrieve his seed phrase.
  • The wallet is custodial, meaning you must entrust your funds to Blindmixer.
  • No Tor version.

Blindmixer has a significant disadvantage: there’s a chance you’ll get some of your coins back. This happens because, during the blending process, all the coins are “blinded,” and it’s impossible to tell which ones belonged to whom. If you’re not comfortable with this mechanism, consider other services.


BestMixer site

#3 BestMixer.io (closed)

The mixer not only mixes Bitcoin but also Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

  • Supports: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, and more.
  • Clearing of order history after 24 hours.
  • Flexible privacy policy.


SmartMixe site

#4 SmartMix (closed)

It is a quality Bitcoin mixer that allows you to mix small and large amounts.

  • Customizable fees: from 0.5% + 0.0001 BTC per exit address.
  • Fast transactions, but artificial delays can also be set.
  • No need to create an account and enter any data.
  • Logs are automatically deleted after seven days.


#5 BitBlender (closed)

It was established as far back as 2013. Most frequently, Bitblender is cited by lawyers and media who are concerned about anonymity and privacy.

  • Random commissions from 1% to 3%.
  • The ability to customize the delay up to 99 hours.
  • Speed of processing requests, convenient navigation.
  • Optional use of multiple addresses.
  • Possibility of deletion of logs and accounts.


The concept of Bitcoin mixers

The mixing process is performed according to a preset algorithm. As a result, the user receives precisely the amount of money he needs, but it will consist of many transactions that previously belonged to unknown parties.

For a long time, Bitcoin mixers have been used actively by those who want to cover their tracks (e.g., in executing illegal transactions). But today, the regulators have organized a fight against them – they claim that laundering money in this manner is an easy process. However, these tools are not always used for illegal purposes; mainly, they are used by people who want to protect themselves.

Of course, all BTC-tumbling tools charge a commission for their services. Its amount depends on the money sent and the number of mixes made (the more, the more reliable). Ideally, not a single particle of the mixed coins should not be linked to the original user.


How do Bitcoin tumblers work?

A crypto mixer is an application or website that takes a user’s coins and mixes them with other users’ assets. The way it works is that the deposits are split into many small pieces, which are randomly shuffled with the parts that come from other users (mix).

The process takes place according to a preset algorithm. As a result, as much money as needed arrives at the address, but this amount will consist of many pieces that previously belonged to unknown participants.

Bitcoin mixing explained infographics

For several years, bitcoin tumblers have been used extensively and everywhere to cover their tracks (e.g., in carrying out gambling transactions). But they are now being combated – it has been proven very easy to launder money in this way. However, the programs are not always for illegal purposes: they are often used by those who want to protect themselves or to hide the fact of cryptocurrency ownership from gambling platforms. Of course, all services charge a fee for their services. It depends on the money sent and the number of tumbling rounds made (the more, the safer). Ideally, no part of the resulting amount of coins is linked to the original user.


Mixers in 2024: the legal field

Law enforcement suspended Helix, Coin Ninja, and Bitcoin Fog in 2020 and 2021. In May 2022, the U.S. imposed sanctions on popular cryptomixer Bitblender and Ethereum (ETH) mixer Tornado Cash in August.

The reason is that mixers have become an excellent tool for cybercriminals. Although a practical de-mixing algorithm for Bitcoin mixing services already exists, the use of services is still widespread.

Nevertheless, mixers are still not explicitly illegal in most jurisdictions.

Since 2020, the use of mixers has grown significantly, and while the rapid growth has decreased, it remains close to record highs. The increase is driven by higher volumes from centralized crypto exchanges, DeFi protocols, and addresses associated with illegal activity. Illegal addresses account for 23% of all funds.

Bitcoin mixers are a complex dilemma for regulators and crypto community members. There is no denying that financial privacy is a right of every human being, but analysis shows that bad actors are taking the most significant advantage of crypto-mixing services.

Fight for the Future, a coalition of cryptocurrency-related organizations, published an open letter to the U.S. government in January 2023 (it was signed by hardware cryptocurrency wallet provider Ledger, developer of the confidential digital currency Zcash, peer-to-peer payments platform MobileCoin). In the letter, the coalition demands more freedom and notes that the measures to block mixers relate to financial oversight that could have a chilling effect on developing digital asset technologies that focus on privacy.


What kind of Bitcoin mixers are available now?

Centralized platforms

These include the first generation of mixers, which is still the #1 choice. Here, a user sends bitcoins and pays a fee, and after the tumbling process, the service sends the anonymized coins to the user’s BTC address. The more users will make a deposit, the higher the level of anonymity they achieve.

Decentralized platforms

Decentralized or peer-to-peer crypto blenders. They allow Bitcoin tumbling without intermediaries, allowing direct contact with other users. The possibility of being scammed is very low. Many protocols (TumbleBit, CoinSwap, SharedCoin, CoinJoin) would enable multiple clients to join together to create one anonymous transaction, which is done in stages as the required number of participants is reached. None of the users store the recipient or sender addresses; the shuffling server handles this. The operation is made more complex by increasing the number of shuffles in a row.


How to choose the best mixer for bitcoins

As we have already seen, bitcoin mixers are not perfect. Looking at specific services, you can also find pros and cons in each. For example, one doesn’t allow you to send to multiple addresses, and another doesn’t have a feature to set up a delayed transaction.

What is the first thing to pay attention to:

  • Reputation. In order not to lose your hard-earned coins, you should try to get to know better the mixer you decide to interact with, read reviews on forums on the deepweb (for example, The Hub), on the thematic forums (Dread).
  • Blockchain analysis for identification. Some of the crypto mixing services are specially flagged, and as a result, analysts can link customers’ Bitcoin wallets to them. Of course, as a result, the customer can be traced. To check if a blender is flagged, one can use the website walletexplorer.com.
  • The size of the reserve (mixing pool). It has to be massive. If the transaction deposited to the service is larger than the number of coins stored in the mixing pool, clean coins will be accrued in installments after the first mixing round.


Specific features

Mixing speed depends on the selected cryptocurrency and the total transactions in the mempool. After the mixing order is submitted, the coins are sent to the pool, where they will automatically be moved to different wallets after one confirmation. The top Bitcoin tumbling services use delayed transaction technology to make the connections between addresses even less traceable.

Most BTC-tumbling websites only store information for a short period – 3 days at most – to maintain confidentiality. A deposit address generated by the BTC blender itself is only valid for 24 hours and only suitable for transfers within the service. As a rule, accepting other funds to the same address is prohibited.

Of course, Bitcoin blending services do not require identity verification or conduct any KYC procedures. During the transaction, the service provides various important information: a letter of guarantee, a code to confirm the asset’s ownership and the cryptocurrency wallet’s address. It is essential to keep this information until the tumbling process is complete.

The browser tab with the mixing order does not have to be kept open during the mixing process, which sometimes takes several hours. If the application is submitted correctly, users will receive anonymized coins without issues.

Many BTC mixers set a minimum transfer amount. You need to be careful – if you try to send an amount less than the lower threshold, the deposit will be accepted as a donation to the developers. Some mixers (like Anonymix.io) are ready to return such transfers after contacting support.


Opinions of experts and experienced users

If you don’t play in online cryptocurrency casinos or get cryptocurrency from deepweb and trade on regulated exchanges, then you should not use Bitcoin mixers. There is a risk of getting “high-risk bitcoins” – the assets involved in criminal activity or stolen. Bitcoins labeled as high-risk can cause problems, such as account suspension on the exchange.

Regulators in different countries are paying massive attention to the work of anonymous Bitcoin tumblers as part of the fight against money laundering and cybercrime. This is one of the reasons why crypto mixing sites are periodically shut down, unable to withstand the pressure, and blocked by ISPs (internet service providers) and anti-virus applications.


Pros and cons of Bitcoin mixers

Bitcoin tumblers have solid advantages; however, not every service guarantees 100% anonymity. Traditional mixing mechanisms are prone to several problems. For example, it’s been proven that there’s a 75% chance that your favorite mixer can be decrypted using the Bitcoin address clustering analysis technique.

Bitfury, Ciphertrace, and Chainalysis have created unique algorithms that can identify addresses related to each other while still showing high accuracy. This puts users in danger because these algorithms can identify any customer and show everyone using the mixer for Bitcoin.

Finally, there is the risk that the customer (or their recipient) will receive “high-risk” assets. As a result, when government agencies investigate money laundering, they may find someone not involved in any criminal activities. In theory, it can cause many unpleasant situations.



Bitcoin mixers are an essential trend in the crypto industry. After all, Bitcoin does not provide sufficient anonymity; instead, it is pseudo-anonymous, and law enforcement has already learned ways to to link certain transactions and wallets to real identities. With the growing importance of privacy in today’s digital landscape, Bitcoin mixers have emerged as a crucial tool for anyone looking to safeguard their financial transactions and maintain their online confidentiality. It not only helps prevent identity theft and fraud but also protects users from potential hacking attempts and surveillance from centralized authorities. Bitcoin mixers can also help users avoid high transaction fees and maintain anonymity when purchasing online.

Suppose you have doubts about the origin of the coins you’ve received. In that case, you can take advantage of the services described in the article – mixers thoroughly mix the digital assets of different users, providing a decent level of anonymity.


Bitcoin Tumblers: FAQ

A Bitcoin mixer is an anonymizing service that can make your Bitcoin transactions anonymous. There is a usual misconception that Bitcoin transactions are unknown to the third-parties. It is not; it is pseudo-anonymous. And while BTC addresses are linked to a real person, every transaction on the network will also be connected to a user — that’s because of the publicity and immutability of the transactions. A Bitcoin tumbler (or Bitcoin mixer) helps to anonymize any transfer by severing the link to an identity. These services collect coins from multiple parties wishing to use their funds anonymously. Users will then receive an equivalent amount of BTC back (minus a small fee) from another wallet unrelated to the original sending wallet (and funds) in any way. And that means that the mixer (if it is trustworthy) must erase all ties between the sender and his Bitcoin. It is also acknowledged that individuals use Bitcoin tumblers for unlawful purposes. They are also frequently utilized by individuals who need to secure themselves or conceal the reality of digital currency possession from assailants. In any case, it’s false. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the principles of Bitcoin blenders and will highlight the most popular and trusted services.

The short answer is yes, but like anything in cryptocurrency, there are some caveats. It’s essential to acknowledge that while Bitcoin mixers can help improve your privacy, they shouldn’t be relied on exclusively. Other measures, such as using a VPN, Tor, or running your own Bitcoin node, can help improve your anonymity on the blockchain.
The security of Bitcoin tumbling services can vary depending on your chosen service. For example, some blenders are reputable and have a long history of providing secure services to users. In contrast, others are less established and may have different levels of security protocols in place. Before using a mixer, it’s essential to do your research and ensure that the service you choose is trustworthy.
Another potential security risk with Bitcoin mixers is the possibility of a honeypot attack. It occurs when law enforcement or other attackers set up a honey pot service, essentially a false Bitcoin mixer, to lure unsuspecting users into using it. The aim is to collect data on users and their transactions to prosecute them later. The risk of this can be mitigated by choosing reputable mixers and being cautious when using new or untested services.

Keeping your financial information private is vital; mixing your coins can help you achieve that. In today’s cryptocurrency environment, it is common for the media to verify users’ identities and disclose that information to third parties. However, you may not want others to know how many assets you hold or how you spend your coins. By disassociating your BTC from your identity, you can use your funds with peace of mind, no matter where they came from.

Many bitcoin tumbling services claim to offer the fastest service. However, choosing the right one may take a lot of work. The fastest crypto tumbler should have a reliable and secure system that can handle high volumes of transactions in a short period. Also, it should have low fees, anonymity, and excellent customer support. One of the fastest BTC mixers is Anonymix. It’s a Bitcoin-only mixing service that offers complete anonymity and has a solid reputation for delivering transactions in minutes.

A reliable crypto blender should have a long history with minimum user complaints. To choose the top service, first search for independent reviews. For example, on the news media.
Anonymix.io is good in that it has the lowest fee, and there is no continuous stream of easily analyzed outputs.
The average commission on the mixer market is 2.5%.

One of the main concerns about depositing coins from Bitcoin tumbler to centralized exchanges is the risk of the exchange rejecting the deposit. Most of the centralized exchanges prohibit deposits from tumblers and mixers. If the exchange refuses the deposit, the coins will be frozen and investigated. Therefore, it is essential to research the exchange’s policies before making any deposit.
Another potential risk associated with depositing coins from a Bitcoin tumbler to centralized exchanges is the possibility of getting banned. There is a risk that the exchange might flag the transaction as suspicious, leading to a ban. This situation can arise because most exchanges have internal systems to detect and flag suspicious deposits. Therefore, ensuring that the coins have a low AML score is crucial.
If you wish to deposit coins from a Bitcoin tumbler to a centralized exchange, you must ensure that the coins are clean using a reputable tumbler. Some tumblers may not mix the coins correctly, which could fail to provide privacy. As a result, the coins could still be traced, and the purpose of using the tumbler will be defeated. Additionally, some tumblers may charge too high a fee, which could fetch you less than the expected amount. Therefore, ensure that the tumbler is reputable and the fee charged is reasonable.
Finally, to deposit coins successfully from a Bitcoin tumbler to centralized exchanges, users must exercise caution and follow all the necessary precautions. Ensure that you use reputable tumblers, research the policies of the exchange, and know the source of the coins before mixing them with others’ coins. We recommend using a decentralized P2P exchange that does not have stringent policies regarding Bitcoin tumblers. Usually, decentralized exchanges provide better privacy and anonymity.

AML score stands for Anti-Money Laundering score. It is a risk assessment tool designed to identify the likelihood of transactions related to money laundering or illicit activities. AML-score is an advanced solution that helps financial institutions, including centralized exchanges, identify high-risk customers and transactions and comply with legal and regulatory requirements. It is an integral part of the anti-money laundering policy of any organization that processes financial data.
The AML-score system applies various algorithms based on statistical models, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to assess the risk of any given transaction or account. It involves collecting data from multiple sources, such as customer databases, regulatory watchlists, media sources, and other relevant repositories, and analyzing it against pre-defined criteria. The system then generates a score that determines the level of risk and any further action that may be required.


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